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The Demand for Armour in Film and TV

In the past, blacksmiths were extremely important members of society. They created the armour and weapons which were needed by communities in order to defend themselves against invaders. Over the last few centuries, the need for armour has diminished. Smithing is now considered a niche hobby. However, there is still high demand for it within […]

Nicotine And Armour Based Reenactments

If someone wants to spend the day cosplaying as an armour clad warrior, they could attend a historical reenactment event. For thousands of years different civilisations have utilised armour in order to gain an edge over their enemies. As a result there are many different plate-based options to choose from. The right one will depend […]

The Amazonian Warriors

There is undoubtedly much debate about whether a tribe of female Amazon warriors ever existed. They are portrayed in modern culture as being a fearsome army of women who were the enemies of the Ancient Greeks. In reality, they were more likely to be Scythians, a nomadic tribe but not exclusively female. However, the women […]

Female Armour Wearers

Medieval re-enactment events give the public a chance to live out the experiences of people from the Middle Ages. Women are able to put on armour and cosplay as knights. Due to the male hierarchy of the medieval time period, it is easy to assume that there were no armour-clad women. However, this is not […]

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The impenetrable armor?

The impenetrable armor?

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