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The Amazonian Warriors

There is undoubtedly much debate about whether a tribe of female Amazon warriors ever existed. They are portrayed in modern culture as being a fearsome army of women who were the enemies of the Ancient Greeks. In reality, they were more likely to be Scythians, a nomadic tribe but not exclusively female. However, the women […]

Female Armour Wearers

Medieval re-enactment events give the public a chance to live out the experiences of people from the Middle Ages. Women are able to put on armour and cosplay as knights. Due to the male hierarchy of the medieval time period, it is easy to assume that there were no armour-clad women. However, this is not […]

Floor Decorations for Armour Lovers

If someone is hoping to start an armour collection, then there are plenty of options available. These items have a rich history and have been found throughout the world. When people traditionally think of armour, they imagine the plate type worn by knights in medieval Europe. However, cuirasses and helmets were known to be used […]

Armour for Cosplay

While armour was once an essential form of attire in everyday medieval life, it is rarely seen worn in modern times. One exception to this is at cosplay conventions. These events allow attendees to dress up and role play as historical or fantasy figures. If someone is considering creating a piece of armour to wear […]

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The impenetrable armor?

The impenetrable armor?

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