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Armour for Cosplay

While armour was once an essential form of attire in everyday medieval life, it is rarely seen worn in modern times. One exception to this is at cosplay conventions. These events allow attendees to dress up and role play as historical or fantasy figures. If someone is considering creating a piece of armour to wear […]

Medieval Suit of Armour: The Danger It Posed to Soldiers

Staying alive in the Middle Ages was extremely hard, and a suit of armour is a clear indication of that. It was designed to protect soldiers from sharp things in battle, and it was not cheap. Still, wearing a suit of armour came with lots of risks, most of which are not recorded in history. […]

Chain Mail

While we call it chain mail today, often in Medieval times it was just referred to as mail. It was worn by knights from around the 9th century until a

The Fitzwilliam Museum

In the city of Cambridge, England, there is a museum called the Fitzwilliam Museum. This museum is home to more than 400 different pieces of armour. T

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The impenetrable armor?

The impenetrable armor?

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