Nicotine And Armour Based Reenactments

If someone wants to spend the day cosplaying as an armour clad warrior, they could attend a historical reenactment event. For thousands of years different civilisations have utilised armour in order to gain an edge over their enemies. As a result there are many different plate-based options to choose from. The right one will depend on the era that is being depicted.


People all over the world like to consume nicotine products. The problem is that this substance was introduced to certain parts of the world at different times. Therefore, its presence in some reenactments could end up being anachronistic. It is a common misconception that Europeans were smoking tobacco during the Middle Ages.

In actuality it spread throughout France and England in the 1500s. Because of this it is better to only use it during Renaissance based events. The good news is that this period saw the rapid emergence of new and exciting armour types. Cosplayers will have a wide variety of options. For example, Gothic style cuirasses were very prevalent at this time.

Finding Products

Once the person has determined that nicotine pouches are acceptable at the event, they can then order them online. The website Haypp offers Nordic Spirit branded ones. These products are perfect for historical reenactments that focus on the history of Sweden. On the other hand, if the person subtly conceals it within their armour then it will not matter what period of time they are depicting. They can take the pouch out in private and enjoy the substance whilst the event spectators are not looking.

Wearing armour for extended periods of time will inevitably lead to overheating. It is important for the person to take it off throughout the day so that they can cool off. During this break period they may also place Nordic Spirit nicotine under their lip to take the edge off. This is a good system for rewarding oneself after enduring exhausting hours stuck inside a suit of armour.

International Reenactments

Europe is not the only region with a long history of armour usage. Japan is well known for the Samurai who wore very elaborate protective gear. Numerous African civilisations created armour made from textiles for greater manoeuvrability. If someone wants to honour their local culture they can do so by donning armour. If tobacco use is also prevalent in their history then they could enjoy this substance in pouch form.