Replica suits of armour

There is an ongoing fascination among members of the public with suits of armour and those who have the financial means – and the space in their home – can opt to purchase a replica suit of armour to decorate their living space.

There are many sites that produce this type of armour for general sale and it is worth browsing to see what they have to offer, but it is important to do a little research first and make sure that you know exactly what it is you want. For example, those who take part in medieval reenactments might want to look for chain mail items such as the hauberk. Those who prefer Tudor or English Civil War styles will need to look for something different.

It is also important to understand exactly how these are put together so that when it arrives at your home you are able to assemble the suit so it can be displayed properly.

Alternatively, you could wait for a genuine suit of armour to come up for sale. Keep in mind though that this is a rare occurrence and you will definitely need to have plenty of cash to spare.