History of Armour

History of the word ‘armour’

Armour is the English spelling of the term used to describe the protective clothing and equipment used by soldiers for thousands of years during battl
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18th century armour and onwards

Armour started to change again in the latter part of the 16th century, when many of the plate features of the standard army armour were replaced. This
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The origins of armour

When most people think of armour, they think of the full suits of metal that were worn in battle in medieval and Tudor times. However, it goes back mu
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Armour in medieval times

It was during the medieval era that armour started to leave behind the leather and go towards more metal. During the 8th century, armour was mainly ch
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Tudor armour

Once Tudor times arrived in England, battle armour had changed a great deal. There were a number of different influences to these developments, and by
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