The Demand for Armour in Film and TV

In the past, blacksmiths were extremely important members of society. They created the armour and weapons which were needed by communities in order to defend themselves against invaders. Over the last few centuries, the need for armour has diminished. Smithing is now considered a niche hobby. However, there is still high demand for it within the film and television industry.

This is because numerous productions are set in medieval or fantasy settings. If the costume designers want some added authenticity, they will utilise the services of a modern blacksmith. This will mean that the armour is made from actual metal pieces. A cheaper option is to use plastic and then spray it with metallic paint. On the other hand, it tends to look fake.

The GoT Franchise

A good example of the use of armour within a TV production is Game of Thrones. It is set in a fantasy world where warring factions use the battle tactics seen during the Middle Ages. The clothing worn by the characters is also inspired by this period. Consequently, the soldiers seen onscreen will often wear real armour. Its spinoff House of the Dragon has also used blacksmiths for this purpose.

Health and Safety

During the early days of motion pictures, if a dangerous accident occurred, it was less likely to be reported by the press. Today news journals such as CNN will break these kinds of stories. Public awareness has led to a demand for safer film environments. This has extended to blacksmiths who make armour for movies and television.

Cosplay at Conventions

Once the film or programme has been released, its fans will want to wear the costumes of their favourite characters in a convention setting. They might hire the original smith to recreate the armour.