Suits of Armour

Chain Mail

While we call it chain mail today, often in Medieval times it was just referred to as mail. It was worn by knights from around the 9th century until a
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Many people forget that shields are an important part of armour, mainly because they are carried and not worn. The first shields that were used by kni
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Replica suits of armour

There is an ongoing fascination among members of the public with suits of armour and those who have the financial means - and the space in their home
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All You Need to Know About Armour

Armour, spelt as armor in some places, is a covering that is used to protect something or someone from damage by contact. The word has its origins in warfare, where it began being used by soldiers going to war to refer to the protective gear they wore....
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King James II’s armour

Housed within the Royal Armouries is the last suit of armour that was ever designed and made for a British King. It was created for James II of Englan
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Modern armour

Modern armour does not really come in the form of a suit as such, but as with other eras, there are different pieces of protective garments that can b
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