Armour for Cosplay

While armour was once an essential form of attire in everyday medieval life, it is rarely seen worn in modern times. One exception to this is at cosplay conventions. These events allow attendees to dress up and role play as historical or fantasy figures. If someone is considering creating a piece of armour to wear at these events, there are several factors to consider.

Needs to be Light

The role player will be wearing their armour in a crowded convention space for extended periods of time. Sometimes they will have to do so for most of the day. Therefore it will need to be light enough to carry and have decent ventilation. An overheated cosplayer will not have a fun time.

Cannot Violate Convention Safety Rules

While cosplay conventions welcome creative costumes, sometimes being too accurate can get attendees in trouble. For example, if the armour has dangerous metal spikes, it could be considered weaponry. News sites such as CNET have reported these issues occurring in the past. Therefore it is a good idea to read the convention rules before creating the armour.

Will Often Need to be Bespoke

When it comes to cosplay competitions, the winners will need to come up with something creative and unique. It is therefore not wise to wear overly generic armour. Instead, the attendee should come up with a distinctive bespoke piece. Experimentation is welcomed. For example, they could create armour that is inspired by several different cultures and historical eras.

Does Not Have to be Metal

Older types of armour were made from heavy metal plating which restricted the movements and comfort of wearers. Modern cosplayers prefer to use lighter plastic. It is painted to imitate real metal. This allows people to enjoy the aesthetic of classic armour without weight.