Floor Decorations for Armour Lovers

If someone is hoping to start an armour collection, then there are plenty of options available. These items have a rich history and have been found throughout the world. When people traditionally think of armour, they imagine the plate type worn by knights in medieval Europe. However, cuirasses and helmets were known to be used in Japan as early as 300AD. In addition, a vast number of civilisations relied on armour in order to both defend their lands and conquer enemies.

Once the armour collector has found a large enough space to store these objects, they can begin decorating the interior. Armour sets are usually displayed in an upright standing position. For example, they might adorn mannequins. If this is the case, then there will probably be a fair amount of open floor space to fill up. White rugs are ideal for this purpose. They are available from the Trend Carpet site catalogue.

The colour white will complement a plethora of different design schemes. Some collectors might want to recreate a room seen during the time period the armour belongs to. If the items are medieval, then the interior could mimic a castle. Alternatively, the person could choose a more modern aesthetic. Many armour fans opt for the same layout seen in museums. The objects are kept safe in glass cases, and people can walk around the room admiring them. Regardless of which option is chosen, white rugs are perfect, thanks to their versatility.

A Bold Atmosphere

If the aim is to wow guests with armour, then it is essential to make as bold a statement as possible. If there are too many vibrant colours in the room, it can take the emphasis away from the artefacts. Conversely, the white rugs from Trend Carpet will help to highlight them.

Ivory Armour

If the set belonged to a noble household, then it might contain a number of precious jewels and extravagant elements. These would denote the wealth and class of the owner. In some Asian cultures, ivory was utilised in armour. Since this material has a distinctive white colouring, it makes sense to create consistency by having all other interior design objects in this hue.

An Emphasis on Light

Most suits of armour are made from shiny metal. If they are well maintained, then they should be able to reflect plenty of light. White rugs also have this quality. Therefore when the two are combined, they will make a room seem dazzlingly bright.

A Counterpoint to Dungeon Themes

If the collector has opted for an authentic medieval style room, then it could end up looking too dingy. The floor d├ęcor should add some contrast. For this reason, white rugs will be very appealing.